Cannabis and Lung Health

People have been asking me for years, "Where's your YouTube channel?"  Here it is!

This video speaks to those of us who may be increasing cannabis use with our newfound free time. 

Cannabis culture is ever-evolving and one of the things that is changing is the way we share (or don’t share) it. 

The concern over lung health has resulted in greater interest in edibles, tinctures and capsules but for those who enjoy earlier effects via inhalation and/or the ritual of smoke, it may be time to consider a dry herb vaporizer (no, I’m not talking about a vape pen).

Vaporizing is not about burning. In a vaporizer, flower is heated to the level just before combustion, which results in much fewer carcinogens in your lungs and in the air. It allows you to inhale pure vapor devoid of the toxins that are present in smoke.

Cannabis appreciation for me begins with a love for the flower. Yes, the cannabinoid (e.g. THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, THCV, etc.) percentages are important but equally important are terpenes (Limonene, Pinene, Myrcene, Beta-caryophyllene, Linalool, etc.). 

Terpenes are responsible for the aroma of cannabis and are thought to boost its therapeutic benefit. For example, linalool has a calming effect on the body and is known to reduce anxiety. It is also the main component of lavender essential oil. 

Different terpenes volitize at different temperatures so devices that offer precision control temperature settings provide the opportunity to taste the true flavor of the flower and all of its terpene-filled glory. To maximize linalool vapors, one would set the temperature to 388 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since cannabis is capable of affecting the mind, emotions and behavior, “set and setting” (mindset and environmental setting) are important with cannabis enjoyment, just as it is with psychedelics. Below are some recommended guidelines: 


This is always my advice with any method of consumption. If you’re trying a new strain, take one hit, wait 2-3 minutes and see how you feel before taking another. 


If the reason for your sesh is to help ease your anxious mind, know that THC and anxiety can have a complicated relationship and it may exacerbate it. If this speaks to you, consider a CBD dominant flower. 


A clean hit is the best hit so we shouldn’t need a pandemic to scare us into keeping our gear clean. If more than one person is using the same device (not advisable but not always avoidable), clean between uses by user. If using a bong, sanitize all parts and empty and refill the water chamber between uses. 


Cannabis can produce a feeling of relaxation, bringing the unconscious mind to the forefront. If you “get in your head”, be kind to yourself. Negative self-talk can seem louder when you’re high. Personally, I believe it’s important to listen to those inner voices. Journal your thoughts and feelings and reflect on it later. It can be a deeply transformative experience. Try using cannabis as a tool to reframe limiting beliefs about yourself and others. You may also wish to listen to uplifting music or your favorite podcast, paint, dance or cook for a lighter trip. You are the captain of your ship! Some might call it escapism, I say it’s a journey within. 


Try a virtual sesh with a friend. I don’t know about you but I’ve been using FaceTime more than ever. I’m also really enjoying Marco Polo. It’s like video voicemail.


Try different strains to explore which cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles you prefer. Cannabis is personal. 


Do-Si-Dos, Scooby Snacks and Zkittlez all have higher levels of the terpene linalool. Always choose a flower that's been tested (ask to see the certificate of analysis at the dispensary). If enjoying homegrown, know and trust your grower, ideally it's yourself!


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